Earl’s roots extend deep into the community. Both he and his family are strong believers in ’giving back.’ He contributes a great deal of his time to many charities and non-profit organizations. The breadth of Earl’s contributions to the community is wide-reaching. Earl has provided significant leadership and guidance to many organizations

Earls’ commitment to the youth of our province is evident in his contributions to the CLB, Junior Achievement and Memorial University. His work with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, 1st Battalion, St. Luke’s Home, the Atlantic Maple Leaf Dinner, and the H. Bliss Murphy Health Care Foundation are great examples of his commitment to the well-being of senior citizens, veterans, and healthcare and provincial culture and infrastructure have also benefited through his involvement with the Rooms, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Historical Board, and the Independent Appointments Commission.

Earl Ludlow’s mentorship and involvement has enabled many community groups and organizations to thrive. It is because of this, that Earl Ludow has earned a place in the Newfoundland and Labrador Volunteer Hall of Fame.