An advocate for at-risk youth, chair of the library’s volunteer board, a fundraising “expert” for multiple organizations, a festival volunteer, an aid to seniors in need, and rescuer and caretaker of lost and stray animals. These are just some on the many hats worn by Katty Gallant. Katty touched the lives of many through her volunteer efforts at the Youth Centre, Town Council and the Community Advisory Board on Housing and Homelessness.

From picking up litter in the ditches, parks and public spaces to helping find suitableemployment for those in need, no job was beneath her. She ran employment workshops, spend countless hours reviewing resumes, conducted mock interviews and worked tirelessly to find job placements. She was an enthusiastic promoter of physical activity organizing exercise programs, everything from soccer programs for children to line dancing for seniors.

Skilled in her ability to source, match, and prepare funding applications, Katty was a significant resource for many organizations in Gambo. She successfully acquired funding for The Gambo Sports and Recreation Commission, The Gambo Lions Club, The Gambo Public Library, and A Legge Up — a horse therapy program for individual s with disabilities. Her efforts helped break
ground on a new playground, renovate the library, build a new addition to the Lions Club as well as update the kitchen, and hire numerous individuals for community not-for-profit organizations.

While many of her efforts were public and visible, Katty spent many hours giving her time in ways that others knew about, like arranging transportation for youth, mediating conflicts with parents, and ensuring incarcerated youth had the proper follow-up and employment supports upon release.

Katty’s passing was met with great sadness and grief for the town of Gambo. However, the impact of her volunteer efforts will be long lasting and are still visable on a daily basis. The town of Gambo is a better and stronger community because of Katty Gallant.