Deborah Powers is a long-time volunteer in the City of St. John’s, and her name is synonymous with animal welfare and protection. She has given more than 40 years of service to a cause she loves so dearly, and has been a driving force for change and excellence in animal welfare in Newfoundland and Labrador. Ms. Powers held an enormous responsibility within her volunteer role having held Special Constable status under the Animal Protection Act; but whether it was working with the provincial government to improve animal welfare legislation, working hands on with the animals she helped, kneeling for hours to weed and care for the SPCA grounds or baking treats for the shelter animals every Saturday, Ms. Powers endured and dedicated her life to the human treatment of all creatures. Her commitment to the betterment of life for all creatures inspired many other shelter volunteers, many going on to become veterinarians and animal care technicians. Ms. Powers was also the driving force behind the inaugural St. Francis of Assisi service, known to many as “The Blessing of the Animals” which is now attended by more than 400 animals and their families annually. Her leadership, example, commitment, integrity and sense of duty to animal welfare in the City of St. John’s and throughout the province earned her numerous awards, including the Canadian Federation of Humane Services “Frederic McGrand Award for Exemplary Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” and has now earned her a place in the Newfoundland and Labrador Volunteer Hall of Fame.