Marie Ryan has been a tireless volunteer and advocate for social justice in our community, province and country. Over the past three decades, Ms. Ryan has focused her volunteer efforts on making a contribution to community development through the areas of sports, recreation and education, municipal service, advocacy for inclusive citizenship and development of the housing and homelessness support services sector. She was the first female coach of an elementary school boys’ soccer team in St. John’s and spent several years coaching soccer with the City of St. John’s. She also successfully ran for St. John’s City Council where she served for 8 years and held the seat of Deputy Mayor. While on City Council, Ms. Ryan spearheaded a number of initiatives focused on both social and economic development including the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Persons with Disabilities, the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Housing and facilitated the adoption of an employment equity policy within the City, just to name a few. She has served on many committees and boards which have focused on promoting human rights, social inclusion and the eradication of poverty. Her volunteer work has resulted in improved awareness, action and public policy development regarding social inclusion of persons with disabilities. In 2013, in recognition of her significant volunteer contributions, Ms. Ryan was awarded The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and has now earned a place in the Newfoundland and Labrador Volunteer Hall of Fame.