Each year, the Volunteer Hall of Fame will issue a public call for nominations, with a deadline for the acceptance of nominations. Following the invitation for nominations, the Selection Committee will convene and commence the selection process through a review a new nominations and nominations from previous years which have specified that they wish to be carried forward.

The Selection Committee will review the nominations based on the assessment criteria outlined below, and select the candidates which they feel best exemplify the criteria. The Selection Committee will make a final decision regarding the nominations and will present a list of inductees to the Volunteer Hall of Fame committee. All nominations, discussions and deliberations which take place are confidential.

A maximum of eight (including no more than two posthumous) individuals and organizations total will be awarded a place in the Volunteer Hall of Fame annually.



Nominees must be current or past residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Selection Committee will review all nominations submitted and make their selection based on those nominations.

Organizations or Non-Profits

Nominations will be accepted for organizations within Newfoundland and Labrador. The selection committee will review all nominations submitted and will make their decision based on those nominations.


Nominations must provide clear evidence that the nominees’ contributions have excelled in all five criteria as follows:

1. Role

Please provide a brief description of the nominee’s community contribution(s) that can be shared with the nominee, the public, and/or the media to highlight the nominee’s contribution(s) as written. Please describe how the nominee, through their volunteer efforts, over time has made the community stronger and how the nominee has demonstrated leadership in  developing solutions to local problems or priorities. If you are nominating a not-for-profit organization, please describe how the nominee has made the community or community organization stronger and how the nominee employed innovative practices and/or experimented with new approaches to find solutions to local challenges or priorities.

2. Impact

Impact is the depth of the nominee’s contribution(s) and is one of the key considerations in the assessment process. The nomination narrative should describe how the nominee’s contribution has made a difference in the community. In addition, illustrate how the nominee’s activities have had a long-term impact on the community and how these activities have addressed a priority within the community. If nominating a not-for-profit organization, your nomination should specify whether solutions to local challenges or priorities are sustainable and whether the nominee accessed diverse sources of funding.

3. Reach

In describing the reach of the contribution(s) describe how the nominee’s contribution has benefited an individual, group, or the community as a whole over a lifetime of volunteering.

4. Engagement

Describe how the nominee has engaged others in collective efforts to make a difference in the community. The nomination should also illustrate how the nominee leveraged resources from others to address social challenges and sustained the activity or the solution to the problem or priority.

5. Inspiration

Provide details about how the nominee has been a role model within the community. Also, indicate how the nominee mentored others on community involvement. If nominating a not-for-profit organization the nomination should describe how the nominee has been a role model within the not-for-profit sector and specify how the nominee transferred expertise to other not-for-profit and community organizations.


Do you know somebody worthy of recognition?

Deadline & Nomination Requirements

2021 Nominations Now Open

Your application will require a narrative explaining the nominee’s contribution in voluntary role(s), along with 1-3 letters of support and a completed application form.

The narrative should include the five (5) key criteria used for assessment. Letters of support should be written by someone who has direct knowledge of the nominee’s contribution and can provide evidence of the nominee’s impact.


Please send completed nomination forms by mail to:
The Newfoundland and Labrador Volunteer Hall of Fame
c/o Nominations
P.O. Box 13814
St. John’s, NL
A1B 4G3

Or via email:


For nominations submitted by email, a confirmation email will be sent once your application has been received